Introverted? Why Not Try Showbiz!

I recently came across this excellent short over on the blog about various careers in the film industry that are great fits for introverted people. I myself am an introvert – yes, even as the host of a podcast and someone who enjoys acting, I can still be an introvert – and I thought that this short film not only gives a great, condensed, look at how movies are made, but why an introvert might thrive in some of the many roles it takes to get a film made:

As a screenwriter, I agree that it’s a fabulous profession for an introvert…until you have to go pitch your movie to someone! I’m lucky enough to have a writing partner most of the time, and our easy rapport always boosts us in meetings, where we might otherwise stumble by ourselves. Remember that being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to be alone all the time – it just means you draw energy from being on your own. Perhaps, like me, you thrive on writing a paper or doing research, but struggle doing group projects. That’s an important thing to know about yourself when seeking out your ulitmate career. While something like film-making is a hugely collaborative process, there are crucial roles that have to be filled by people who thrive on working on their own, contributing their part to the bigger picture.

If showbiz isn’t for you – can you think of another industry where your skills as an introvert would be valued?

It’s alright if you want to keep it to yourself.

By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Digital Resources Manager Michael DeAngelis