From the Director’s Desk: Making the Most of Office Retreats

Summer can be a popular time for office retreats in some industries.  Retreats are a great opportunity to assess the previous year and plan ahead for the future.  Here are a few tips to make the most of your office retreat:

Connect with colleagues!  You may find yourself busy with your daily tasks and may have fewer opportunities to get to know your colleagues during the year.  With hybrid and remote work schedules, there may be even less time to connect with other staff members.  Each retreat is different but take advantage of opportunities to connect (or reconnect) with colleagues as that can provide a source of community and connection to the workplace.

Imagine the future.  Retreat can be a great time to think about future goals, ideas you’d like to implement and projects you’d like to work on.  Be intentional about imagining the future and think about the types of initiatives you’d like to be involved with.  Come prepared to share your ideas and thoughts.

Celebrate wins and accomplishments.  Throughout the year, it may be too busy to stop and reflect on what you’ve accomplished.  Think about accomplishments that make you proud and share how you’ve made a difference in your organization.

Be actively involved in the conversation.  Active participation in discussions at retreat is a great way to share your expertise, show your commitment and build your brand.  Make recommendations or offer suggestions on critical topics that impact your organization.

By David Ross
David Ross Director, Undergraduate Career Initiatives