Stop reading this …

I’m guessing the title caught your eye, haha.  I’ll make this quick.  For the first time this summer, I took a week away – and during that week, did NOT check my work email, Teams channels, group texts, calendar or anything else connected to my job.  Now, I *love* what I do for work … but never actually took deliberate time away and *really* unplugged.

Did I leave a perfectly zeroed out inbox?  No – but I did make a point of telling my students and colleagues that I would be away and *not responding*.  I painted a seascape, read two books, enjoyed time with my family, studied a new language (I do love to learn new things).  Did I come back to work in a perfect state of mind and completely refreshed?  No, of course not!  This is real life!  But it was indescribably better to come back knowing that I had made those boundaries and stuck to them.  It’s hard to quantify, but it made a big difference – and I hope you experience the same.

You may also love your work like I do … but it’s not your whole world.  Protect your time, your head space, your thoughts, and find your own way to unplug for more than just a little bit!

Profite bien de ton été, ¡disfruta tu verano!, Xiǎngshòu nǐ de xiàtiān!, and goditi la tua estate in whatever your preferred language and style shall be! 


By Jamie Grant
Jamie Grant Senior Associate Director, Engineering