Pediatric Nursing at CHOP

Lynne Chow, NUR ’24, Seattle, WA

This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to work at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Main Hospital as a Nurse Tech in the Emergency Department. Beginning this summer opportunity, I was unsure of what field of nursing I wanted to pursue. Now, three months later, I am confident to say that I am an aspiring pediatric nurse. Working with different families from many different backgrounds has taught me a multitude of valuable life lessons.

As a Nurse Tech, I was responsible for greeting patients and their families, obtaining patient vital signs, point-of-care testing, assisting nurses in medication/IV insertion procedures, and documenting those items on their electronic health record. Throughout the summer, I also shadowed emergency medicine nurses and physicians. I became familiar with many treatment pathways, common disease processes, and basic hospital protocols. From learning how to conduct a bladder scan, to obtaining an EKG on a pediatric patient, to finding medical supplies in the supply closet, I learned something new every shift.

Having the opportunity to shadow the nurses and physicians in the emergency department was one of the most valuable opportunities from this experience. I was able to participate in very hands-on care for patients, ranging from newborns to patients older than I am. I learned that CHOP cares for patients with life-long chronic conditions into adulthood. The nurses usually had three room assignments in the ED, with patient acuity ranging from 1-5 (1 being critical condition, and 5 being least urgent). I took every opportunity to ask questions, comb through patient charts, and research the many new disease processes that I was unfamiliar with.

My experience at CHOP this summer was very similar to my previous experiences in clinical courses. Nurse Tech and Student Nurse are synonymous terms. However, I found that as a Nurse Tech, I had much more autonomy. Being in a more independent role, I had to advocate for my learning experiences and insert myself in situations where it did not feel the most comfortable. Over the three months, I promised myself to take advantage of every learning opportunity I could get. Whether it be entering the trauma bay during a code-blue to observe or attending patient rounds, there is always something to gain.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be employed at one of the nation’s best pediatric hospitals. As I begin my last year at Penn, I am excited to continue as a Nurse Tech at CHOP during the school year. I am hopeful to learn more on what it means to be a passionate pediatric nurse who never fails to advocate for their patients.

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