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CS Radio – The 200th Episode!

EPISODE 200!!! – Dive into the celebration of CS Radio’s 200th episode with a special edition featuring the hilarious and innovative game “Job Job” from Jackbox Games. Michael and Natty are joined by guests Dustin Miller, Anne Dickinson, and Pete Barry, and tune in as they embark on a humorous journey through improvised interview questions, showcasing their quick wit and creative thinking. Reflecting on the episode’s fun and the insights gained into the unpredictable nature of job interviews, the team emphasizes the importance of authenticity, quick thinking, and a relaxed demeanor in real-life interview scenarios. Join the crew as they explore the parallels between the game’s lighthearted challenges and the real-world skills needed to ace interviews!

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By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Associate Director, Communications & Technology