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A Polar Plunge in Summer: Studying the Dynamics of Glacial Lakes

Anthony Mohr, COL ’24, Louisville, KY

There are many uncertainties in our understanding of the natural world, particularly in the regions less explored by humans—for example, the ocean, deserts, and ice sheets. Researchers are working diligently to identify the physical …

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Navigating the Politics, Economics, and History of IOs: Research in International Politics

Ian Mijael Zang, COL ’25, Buenos Aires City, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Did you know that, in 1996, a Colombian Guerrilla movement kidnapped the younger brother of the ex-president and, at the time, Secretary General of the OAS for two months, …

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CS Radio – Episode 206: Blue Sky Thinking

Spring has sprung! Join Michael and Natty as they discuss the power of visionary planning in career development and strategic projects like website redesigns at Career Services. Packed with anecdotes and insights, this episode encourages listeners to dream big and …

By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Associate Director, Communications & Technology
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(Re)discovering my love for nursing at NYU Langone

Sienna Chen, NUR ’25, Los Angeles, CA

“Is nursing for me?” This is the question I asked myself again and again as I neared the end of my second year in nursing school. Unable to answer it, I carried the …

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My Summer in Radiation Oncology

April Park, COL ’26, Bakersfield, CA

This summer, I had the pleasure of working in a clinical research lab under Dr. Freedman and Penn Behavioral Sleep Medicine. The opportunity to work in the hospital and interact with patients was what …

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The Covid-19 crisis is reshaping every aspect of our lives and societies. This series will look at the impact of …

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