Create Your Dream Career: A Transformative Guide for Women

While you may hear the occasional story of someone lucking into their dream job, or discovering their life’s calling through unexpected events, the truth is that for most people, planning your career and taking deliberate steps toward success is a much more likely route to achieve the career of your dreams. In this course from genConnectU, executive coach Kim Martin draws from her 25 years of experience in entertainment and media to impart to women some of the transformative coaching she’s received, as well as some lessons she wishes she’d known early in her career. Kim covers crucial areas of career planning like how to identify your personal brand, how to build confidence and manage imposter syndrome, ways to build, grow and maintain your network, and how to build strong and meaningful relationships in and outside of the workplace. Join Kim in this course and learn critical career strategies, missteps to avoid, and the steps to take to create and realize your career vision.

Note: This course was created by genConnectU. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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