Preparing for Law School

During Your Undergraduate Career

Build Your

Academic Foundation

There is no pre-requisite coursework for law school.  Admissions Committees will consider the rigor of your academic program and training with regard to critical thinking, analysis and writing.  In your undergraduate career, aim to demonstrate academic initiative.

  • Take increasingly advanced, upper-level coursework as you progress through college.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to challenge yourself academically, such as independent research, an honors thesis, graduate level coursework.
  • Build relationships with your professors by attending office hours and seeking opportunities to demonstrate your interest in coursework.

Participate in Leadership, Service &

Extracurricular Activities

Consult our list of Pre-Law Resources.  Use the filter feature to view a list of Pre-Law: Extracurricular activities.

As an attorney, you will aim to make a positive mark on the world around you in a service profession.  Given its urban location, Penn offers innumerable opportunities to get involved in community service projects and campus extracurricular activities.

Additionally, many pre-law students are involved on campus. Whether you choose to devote time to playing on a sports team, singing in an a cappella group, or writing for a student magazine, it is important that you demonstrate leadership and commitment to activities that genuinely interest you.


Gap Year Plans

Many applicants choose to take one or more gap years to gain experience before entering law school.  Your path to law school depends upon your personal goals.  Applicants have used their gap years to gain experience through work, volunteering, fellowships, or graduate education.  While some students may choose to work in a law-related position, it is not required or preferred by law schools.