Career Services provides eligible University of Pennsylvania students with the opportunity to interview with employers for post-graduate jobs and internships through interview schedules specifically arranged for Penn students.  These interviews can be conducted virtually or in-person depending on employer preference. On-campus interviews are conducted in the recruiting suite in McNeil. While employers may hold these interviews during the fall and /or spring semester, traditionally the vast majority opt to interview in September and October. Please check Handshake carefully to ensure you meet all deadlines.

Please note: We urge students to regularly check both the “interviewing on campus” and non-OCI job and internship postings in Handshake as some employers who have traditionally held interview schedules specifically for Penn will instead post their job or internship opportunity in Handshake and then coordinate their interviews outside of the standard OCI process.  (Use the “interviewing on campus” filter in Handshake under Jobs to determine which employers are holding interviews specifically for Penn students.)

Questions? Many common questions related to Penn interview schedules can be found on our Interview Schedule FAQ.

Interview Cancellation Policy

Students may cancel an “on campus” interview through Handshake with no penalty at any time before the schedule closes on Handshake which is typically at 11:59 pm two working days before the interview.

Once the schedule closes on Handshake we expect students to attend their interviews. However, if you absolutely cannot make it, cancel your interview as soon as possible but at least one hour before the interview. If the interview will be held virtually, please cancel directly with the interviewer or the recruiting coordinator for the organization if you have their contact information as this will be the most expedient way to let them know.  If you do not have contact information for the organization, please call 215-898-4068 to let Career Services know that you will be cancelling. We will try to relay the information to the recruiter, assuming we have their contact information.  This is considered a “late cancellation.” If you have late cancellations on more than two separate recruiting dates, your recruiting privileges and Handshake access may be rescinded for the remainder of the academic year. Failing to show up for your interview, or canceling less than 60 minutes before the interview, is considered a “no show”. If you no-show on more than one recruiting date, your recruiting privileges and Handshake access may be rescinded for the remainder of the academic year.

In either case, you must send the recruiter an e-mail apologizing for missing the interview. In addition, you must send a BCC (blind carbon copy) to so that the employer relations staff knows that the apology has been sent to the recruiter. If we do not receive the blind carbon copy within three working days of the interview date your recruiting privileges and Handshake access may be suspended until it is received.