Student: On Campus Interviews

Welcome to OCI!

On-campus interviewing (OCI) provides eligible University of Pennsylvania students with the opportunity to interview and meet with employers who visit Career Services during the fall and spring semesters for full-time and summer internship positions. Most employers opt to interview on campus early in the fall semester (September and October) although we welcome employers throughout the academic year. For the 2019-2020 academic year, the first day of on-campus interviews for both internship and full-time positions will be September 17th, although resume submissions open in late August.  The first standard OCI regular resume submission deadline will be September 8th, although a few employers opted to make their submission deadline earlier.  Please check Handshake for all deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we have provided information on the most common OCI questions below, many more answers may be found on our OCI/Handshake FAQ page.

OCI Orientations

Students who choose to participate in on-campus interviewing and attend on-campus employer events are expected to know and abide by our policies and procedures.  Please take a few minutes to view the Online OCI Orientation if you were not able to attend a live orientation at the beginning of the academic year.

You can also watch this Virtual Tour of the On Campus Interview suite and learn what it’s like to arrive, check-in and go into your interview! Viewable in browser, on mobile or with a VR headset!

Interview Locations

  • Most on-campus interviews will occur in the on campus interviewing facility located in the lower level of the Leonard A. Lauder Career Center in the McNeil Building (Suite 90)  or at the Inn at Penn Hotel. Some interviews may take place virtually or in nearby center city corporate offices.  Please verify your interview location in Handshake to make sure you go to the correct location.
  • Coffee Chats usually take place in the on campus interview facility in McNeil Building or in a local coffee house.
  • If you have an upcoming telephone or virtual interview with an employer and would like to reserve space in the Career Services office, please click here.

Recruiter Add-On Interview Process

Some organizations will fill any open interview slots on the day of their on-campus interviews by accepting “Recruiter Add-On Interviews”. If you want to try to get an “add-on” interview, fill out a “Recruiter Add-On Interview Request Form” for each position that interests you, attach it to your resume, and deposit it in the “Recruiter Add-On Interview Request Box” outside of Career Services between 9:15 am – 2:00 pm one working day before the interview date. Your add-on request(s) will be given to the recruiter(s) when they check in to OCI the following morning. The recruiter(s) will review the resumes at their convenience and will inform the OCI receptionist should they wish to interview you. Please do not call to check on the status of your add-on request. The OCI receptionist will contact students whose requests have been accepted. Students whose requests are denied will not be contacted.  You can find a weekly list of which employers will be on campus each day here.

Interview Cancellation Policy

Students may cancel an interview through Handshake with no penalty at any time before the schedule closes on Handshake which is typically at 11:59 pm two working days before the interview.

Once the schedule closes on Handshake we expect students to attend their interviews. However, if you absolutely cannot make it, cancel your interview as soon as possible but at least one hour before the interview by calling OCI at 215-898-4068. (You may also stop by the receptionist’s desk in the On Campus Interviewing Suite to fill out a cancellation form.) This is considered a “late cancellation.” If you have late cancellations on more than two separate recruiting dates, your recruiting privileges and Handshake access may be rescinded for the remainder of the academic year. Failing to show up for your interview, or canceling less than 60 minutes before the interview, is considered a “no show”. If you no-show on more than one recruiting date, your recruiting privileges and Handshake access may be rescinded for the remainder of the academic year.

In either case, you must send the recruiter an e-mail apologizing for missing the interview. The e-mail must be sent specifically to the recruiter who interviewed on campus. The name of the recruiter and his/her e-mail are available the day after the interview from the “Recruiters Business Card Binder” in the Career Services library. However, if your interview was held at the Inn at Penn, no recruiter cards will be available. In that case, you will need to write to the employer’s recruiting contact, whose name can be found (if s/he chose to show it) on the job description in Handshake. In addition, you must send a BCC (blind carbon copy) to so that OCI staff knows that the apology has been sent to the recruiter. If OCI does not receive the blind carbon copy within three working days of the interview date your recruiting privileges and Handshake access will be suspended until it is received. NOTE: THERE ARE NO CANCELLATIONS BY E-MAIL PERMITTED! PLEASE CANCEL BY PHONE OR IN PERSON AT THE OCR RECEPTIONIST’S DESK. DO NOT CONTACT A CAREER SERVICES STAFF MEMBER TO CANCEL

OCI For Students Studying Abroad

Students studying abroad are welcome to participate in the on campus interviewing program.  To do so, simply apply for the on-campus interviewing opportunity through Handshake, just as if you were on campus. On the date indicated in Handshake, check to see if you have been selected for an interview (you can also set your notifications to alert you via email). If you are selected for an interview, you should sign up as quickly as possible for a slot via Handshake. Once signed up for a time slot, IMMEDIATELY send an email to and CC indicating your name (as listed in Handshake), the organization’s name and position title for which you are interviewing, and the date and time of the interview so that we can ensure that the video conference is set up in time for your interview.