Beyond Autofill – Developing a Savvy Social Media Strategy for Your Job Search When Social Media Isn’t Normally Your Thing

As you are thinking about your career and professional development, you have probably asked yourself whether there is more you should be doing on social media to support your career next steps. And if social media isn’t normally your thing, then FOMO as you think about what you could be doing better on social media to advance your career may be a concern. In this lightning-fast workshop, advisors from Career Services will give examples of how social media can help with many aspects of the job search process, including career exploration, sharing your skills and experiences with others, and finding job opportunities – all while not taking over your life. Even if you would rather just be watching cat videos on Tik Tok, come and join us for this overview workshop and learn more about:

• LinkedIn best practices for highlighting your skills, developing a brand, and making meaningful connections
• Twitter tips for building a community at professional events
• Engaging with employers through their social media channels
• Creating a coherent professional narrative across different social media platforms