Exponent-ial Benefit! Preparing for Technical Interviews

For any student looking to prepare for interviews in the technical space – Product Managers, Software Engineering, UI/UX/Product Design, Data Science, and more – Exponent is the tool you need!

Exponent is a learning platform that helps you prepare for all phases of the technical interviewing process, offering courses, hands-on coaching and a community of learners to help you advance your career. Learn to beat tech interview questions with insights direct from the FAANG employees who ask them! Built by experts for future experts like you, with custom tools for acing the interview including interactive lessons and a peer mock interview matching platform.

For access, just go to https://careerservices.upenn.edu/resources/exponent/ – log in with your Pennkey, and start with the “Courses” tab.
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By Jamie Grant
Jamie Grant Senior Associate Director, Engineering