Neuroscience and Smell?

David Kedeme, COL ’25, Philadelphia, PA

Starting the summer as a rising junior, I was not fully sure if I was suitable to perform research but by the end of the summer, walking into the Ma Lab in Johnson Pavilion, …

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CS Radio – Episode 209: Hot Jawns

It’s our season finale! Hosts Michael and Natty ask celebrity guests (Sam Pasco) questions while they attempt to complete rounds of chicken wings coated in spicy hot sauce. 

Our theme music is “The Strip” by Mala, used under a Creative …

By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Associate Director, Communications & Technology
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The Liberation Foundation: The Stepping Stone To My Career

Caroline Sende, WH ’26, Loganville, GA

My internship at the Liberation Foundation was an incredibly enriching experience that provided me with valuable insights into the legal field and the intricacies of advocating for incarcerated individuals. Throughout my time there, I …

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Summer Internship at a Hedge Fund

Nathan Lang, COL & WH ’26, Boston, MA

Over this summer, I explored my interests in investment management by working at a hedge fund in New York City called Monarch Capital Group. At this fund, the strategy targets small to …

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My Summer in Pathology

Vincent Ni, COL ’25, Brooklyn, NYC, NY

This summer I had the opportunity to partake in the inaugural Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Underrepresented Minority Summer Research (PLUMS) internship at Penn Medicine. The PLUMS internship consisted of conducting an original research …

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