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Featured Articles

All Treat, No Tricks


Author’s note: This has become my traditional Halloween blog.  I think that the contents are as relevant today as when I first wrote them – especially now.

When I was little, I had what I think was the greatest record collection …

By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Digital Resources Manager Michael DeAngelis
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PhD Questions of the Month: October 2020

PhD Questions of the Month

Welcome to the third installment of our blog series, PhD Questions of the Month, where the Grad Student/Postdoc Team at Career Services answers the top 3 questions that we have been asked in our individual PhD career advising appointments.  We …

By Dianne Hull
Dianne Hull Dianne Hull
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Beyond 2 Suitcases

Carpe Careers3

Check out this post from the Carpe Careers blog published on the Inside Higher Ed website – written by PhD/postdoc career advisors for PhD students and postdocs:

By Joseph Barber
Joseph Barber Senior Associate Director, Graduate Students & Postdocs Joseph Barber
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CS Radio – Episode 117: “The Wellness Factor”

117 podcast cover

J. Michael and A. Mylene are joined by special guests Sharon Fleshman and John Tuton to discuss the importance of wellness.

Show Notes:

Wellness @ Penn

By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Digital Resources Manager Michael DeAngelis
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Preparing for Online Career Conversations

Blog pic-laptop

Video conferencing has become a part of everyday life for many of us.  As we use tools like Zoom and BlueJeans for face-to-face meetings over the course of a day, how can we address the fatigue that will inevitably set …

By Sharon Fleshman
Sharon Fleshman Senior Associate Director, Nursing, Education, Social Policy & Practice Sharon Fleshman
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