Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory & CliftonStrengths

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is available through Career Services. This inventory is designed to assess the preferences linked to your personality.

Strong Interest Inventory – The Strong Interest Inventory is available through Career Services. This inventory is designed to assess interests and preferred work styles and relate them to a variety of career fields and occupations.

Current Students: $15 for one test, $30 for both*
Current Postdocs: $25 for one test, $50 for both
Alumni: $25 for one test, $50 for both*

CliftonStrengths – CliftonStrengths is an assessment that tracks your top five talent themes as a means toward helping you to discover your strengths. The instrument will also provide guidance on how to apply your strengths to your academics, career planning and leadership development.*

* Current students and alumni requesting these services must be from degree programs in the schools that Career Services serves.

HOW TO PURCHASE:  For more information on MBTI, Strong Inventory, or CliftonStrengths, please set up an appointment (or same day advising session) with a career advisor who serves your school to discuss how you can use these assessments in your career development, and to find out what the next steps are to take one or both inventories. In the meantime, consider starting with CareerExplorer, a free, in-depth career discovery platform.

Remember, career inventories and tests are not magic. They can aid your self-assessment process by highlighting your personality style or interests related to work and help you think about how your values or interests might match some specific career fields. However, you should talk with a career counselor at Career Services for a more personal and comprehensive evaluation of your career options and plans.