Preparing for Medical School

Plan Your Academic Path

Consult our list of CORE Course Requirements for Medical School.

Most medical schools require applicants to complete a core set of courses to prepare for medical school.  Requirements and policies can differ from school to school.  Review individual schools’ requirements in the Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) and Choose DO Explorer and on each school’s website. We also recommend that you consult with your academic and pre-health advisors as you plan your courses since everyone’s path to medical school will be different.

Gain Clinical Experience

Consult our list of Clinical Volunteering Resources.

As you prepare for a career in medicine, it is important to gain some experience working directly with patients in a clinical setting. This is extremely beneficial for your own professional development, so that you know for sure that you will enjoy working as doctor. Moreover, when medical schools review applications, they will look for indications that you are truly enthusiastic about medicine and have sought out opportunities to learn more about the field. Most volunteer positions require only a minimal time commitment as little as 3 hours a week so it should be possible for you to get involved while juggling a difficult academic course load.

Serve the Community

Consult our list of Research and Extracurricular Activities Resources.

Given its urban location, Penn offers innumerable opportunities to get involved in community service projects. As a physician, you will aim to make a positive mark on the world around you. As an undergraduate, contributing to the betterment of the urban neighborhoods around this university is a wonderful way to begin outfitting yourself for this role.