Targeted Resume (Resume Worded)

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Targeted Resume is a career platform that helps you tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for. Upload your resume and job posting, and in 10 seconds, this resume scanner will scan the job posting you’re applying for and highlight keywords and skills your resume is missing.

You’ll then be able to add these missing keywords into your resume and ensure your resume contains everything the employer is looking for. This increases the chance that your resume will pass the automated screening process (i.e. often known as the Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATS resume test) and gets an interview.

Thanks to your Career Services team at Penn, Resume Worded is providing you complete access to the Targeted Resume platform. Just ensure you login via the Penn link and you’ll be able to scan as many resumes and job postings as you’d like.

  • Unlimited resume and job description uploads:Students can tailor their resumes to as many jobs as they’d like.
  • Identify hard and soft skills from the job description: The tool tells students what hard and soft skills the job is looking for, as well as what their resume is missing.
  • Interactive resume scoring and editing: Students can tweak their resumes directly through the tool.
  • Note: There will never be any costs associated with Targeted Resume, students/alumni are free to use it for unlimited lifetime access; just ensure to access the tool via the Penn link above, as this is the only link which ensures complete access to Targeted Resume. Please be aware that this link gives you access to JUST the Target Resume tool and not other premium Resume Worded features liked the LinkedIN profile check.

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