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Dental School Admission Statistics

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Dental School Admission Statistics

Approximately 20 Penn undergraduates and undergraduate alumni apply for admission to dental school each year, and are very successful in this endeavor. Dental school admissions is very competitive, and applicants are evaluated holistically. In addition to assessing an applicant’s GPA and DAT scores, dental school admissions committees look for competencies necessary for a successful career as a dentist, such as manual dexterity, communication skills, service orientation, critical thinking, adaptability, empathy, and resilience. Potential applicants should be prepared to critically assess the overall strength of their application and are more than welcome to make an appointment with a pre-dental advisor for help with this process.

**Note: All data on this page refers to the cohort of Penn students who applied to begin dental school in Fall 2021.

Average GPA and DAT Scores for Admitted Students

  Admit Rate
Total Science
Penn Students
& Alumni
100% 3.41 3.76 24 22 23
57.1% 3.49 3.58 21 21 20

*Source: ADEA for the cohort of students who entered dental school in Fall 2020. ADEA only provides statistics for enrolled or matriculated students, not students who were accepted but chose not to matriculate.